Intense brush strokes of life burning with bold, absurdist brilliance.

Staging intense dance theater works and challenging its audience through thought-provoking pieces, TanzTheater André Koslowski works across boundaries to extend the artistic possibilities of dance. The company actively collaborates with internationally renowned set designers, composers, and performers and is dedicated to exploring the borders between contemporary dance and other artistic disciplines. Under the direction of German choreographer André Koslowski, the company has performed on national and international stages to rave reviews that recognize the company’s ability to impress the audience with a “genuine... raw openness” (Adrienne Totino for Pittsburgh Dance Examiner) and “conjure a panoply of emotional states not unlike those of fellow German choreographer, the late Pina Bausch” (Steve Sucato, Pittsburgh City Paper). Koslowski’s deep understanding of dance traditions and his formative experiences in the European dance theatre community create pieces that survey the world with an unflinching eye and seek to reflect the full range of human experience. To watch Koslowski’s work is to inhabit a world of layered emotions, stories, and gestures that embrace laughter as much as sorrow, and the illogical as much as the reasonable.

Touring Repertoire

A Cantankerous Wiegenlied

Por la Blanda


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