"On Stage: Dance + Live Performance" by Steve Sucato
Pittsburgh City Paper. June 18, 2014
"André Koslowski returns to Pittsburgh to further develop his Wiegenlied ("Lullaby"), an evening-length dance-theater piece exploring themes of loneliness and isolation"
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"On Stage: Life As We Know It…Not"
Pittsburgh Cross Currents. July 27, 2013
"Wiegenlied turned out to be a heightened sensory and visual experience, even more so when we realized that our lives would be just as off-kilter if we put ourselves in Andre’s hands."
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"For the Hills Cannot Hold Back Our Sorrow Forever: a Performance by Pennsylvania Dance Theatre" by Kristine Allen
WPSU. July 12, 2012
"The show is a lot like a dream sequence....miniature scenes morph into something else entirely; it's disjointed but riveting."
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"Top 10 Pittsburgh Dance Shows of 2011" by Jane Vranish
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. December 22, 2011
"5. Pennsylvania Dance Theatre: German expressionist Andre Koslowski's physical theater work, "por la blanda arena," still vividly transports its seemingly disparate images of roses, body parts and wet tissue. A work with brush strokes of absurdist brilliance."
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"On Stage: Sleep Dancing" by Jane Vranish
Pittsburgh Cross Currents. September 19, 2011
"A memorable piece of dance theater and perhaps Andre’s finest. With all the dire social, political and economic environment currently surrounding us, this piece had some great moments, mainly teaching us to laugh at life’s absurdities."
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"'Por la Blanda Arena' impresses audience with raw openness" by Adrienne Totino
Pittsburgh Dance Examiner. September 12, 2011
"The show impressed the audience with this genuine, sometimes painful and sometimes hysterical, raw openness. It is the willingness to be exposed as a dancer and choreographer, not just in movement, but in feeling, that is most admirable about PDT."
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"Pennsylvania Dance Theatre brings a dark new work to town" by Steve Sucato
Pittsburgh City Paper. September 7, 2011
“ ‘Intense’ is the best word to describe Andre Koslowski's choreography. His works conjure a panoply of emotional states not unlike those of a fellow German choreographer, the late Pina Bausch.”
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"New dance explores life's sorrows, joys" by Sara Bauknecht
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. September 7, 2011
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“Pennsylvania Dance Theatre brings dark humor and imagination to the KST” by Adrienne Totino
Pittsburgh Dance Examiner. September 5, 2011
"[André Koslowski's] highly imaginative choreography brings to the stage what Salvador Dali brought to a painting - honest, surreal and dreamlike representations of the inner workings of the human mind."
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“Where Human and Animal Worlds Come Together” by Roslyn Sulcas
The New York Times. March 13, 2011
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"Dance Alloy balances old, new" by Jane Vranish
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. December 7, 2010
"...it was easiest to play along with Mr. Koslowski's fertile imagination, where the chairs could be something to fall out of or a laugh could dissolve into a sob. Nothing was as it seemed, a device that Mr. Koslowski likes to use to confound his audiences...there was much to admire in the richness of the images..."
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"Dance Alloy creates a witty, provocative celebration" by Mark Kanny
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. December 6, 2010
"...a remarkable celebration of the modern dance that was by turns joyous, serious, witty and provocative...the performances showed the company to be in excellent shape artistically."
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"An Alloy of Roots" by Karen Dacko
Pittsburgh Magazine. December 2010
German native André Koslowski, who’s been immersed in dance since age 15, shows his latest work in Dance Alloy Theater’s 35th anniversary season opener, From Where We Come.
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"Dance Alloy Theater pays tribute to its predecessors" by Adrienne Totino
Pittsburgh Examiner. December 1, 2010
"Koslowski’s theatrical and emotionally charged work incited multiple reactions at the “Behind the Curtain” preview of the piece. Fits of laughter, dropped jaws, widened eyes and even a few tears came from the studio."
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"On Stage: Serious Dance in Happy Valley" by Jane Vranish
CrossCurrents - July 21, 2010
"The 90-minute program featured two works that generated a series of memorable images, part of an undeniably challenging program, especially in a festival setting. But then, Koslowsky was never one to lower his standards."
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"Art Fest welcomes new tradition with dance theater" by Anita Modi
Collegian - July 9, 2010
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